Our Mission: Complete Transparency

Since our inception, VegaWallet has promised to remain completely transparent with all business practices and spending allocation. We have laid out all spending procedures for our revenue closely in our white paper. Our main focus during development and into the future will not stray from our original plan. Any issues or news regarding the VegaWallet platform will always be made public.

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Marketing & Customer Acquisition
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Our Business Leaders

Meet the leadership team making vegawallet's platform stand out

"Our Team brings decades of Executive Management experience in fintech, software development, and the healthcare payments & benefit management fields. We feel our complete combined experience will help develop the best ‘A to Z’ cryptocurrency solution."

Tarek Hajri : Founder & Chief Executive Officer

"We all know good design makes good business. Our team actively listened to the cryptocurrency community during production and the result is stunning. We can guarantee you’ll love it. I know I do!"

Jacob Ballou : Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer

“The integration of cryptocurrency payments into specific fields will help to expedite processes in a more secure manner. VegaWallet's technology makes perfect use of this concept and looks to change the way businesses process payments.

Dea Belazi : Head of Business Relations

"We want to harness the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts for our business partners, while safe guarding the integrity and transparency of our systems and processes."

Brenda Waiter: Chief Legal Officer

Learn More About VegaWallet

Want to learn more about VegaWallet? All information and our mission is described in detail through out our comprehensive white paper.

You can also visit our "Announcement Thread" on BitcoinTalk.org

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